USD $1499







Ease of Use





  • Reaches everyone in your school community
  • Private and secure
  • Great school calendar and schedule
  • High user engagement
  • Integrated Social Networking platform just for schools


  • No calendar import option
  • No custom app icon
  • New company


Minga is our top pick for this review for a few main reasons:

  1. It’s different! Minga covers the whole internal school community and is really focused on getting everyone in your school on the same page. Most of the other apps are very focused on parents so we loved that Minga was focused on the people actually in school every day.
  2. Social Networking for Schools! Minga looks and feels like a social networking platform so students and teachers love it and it’s very intuitive to use. The great part is that it’s built for schools so it’s SAFE social networking designed to create a stronger sense of connection and better culture at your school.
  3. Groups! Minga lets teachers create groups in the app for their classroom, club or sports team. This is a great feature because it means all your school communication is in one place instead of being spread across a dozen different apps depending on what the teacher or coach was using as well. It also increases the safety and security of the communication which is a big win for us.

One of our main issues was we weren’t able to import an existing school calendar into Minga so you are going to have to create the events. It’s a one time job but it’s going to be a couple hours of someones day to get this done when you get started.

The other concern was Minga is a pretty new company. We talked to about a dozen schools that were using Minga since early in 2019 and their feedback was amazing, but we’re excited to review again next year when we can talk to more schools.

If your schools has any of the following objectives or concerns, you should definitely have a chat with them:

  1. You want to improve school communication and engagement
  2. You are concerned about the use of public social media at school
  3. You want to track and measure engagement and participation

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